Subsonic aerodynamics

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This book presents the foundations of theory and practice related to aerodynamic phenomena and is intended for students and engineers specializing in the field of aeronautics. It is also of interest to students and engineers in mechanical engineering desiring to advance in this field. The aerospace industry recognizes that a significant advancement and fondamental understanding of aerodynamics are necessary for the formation of engineers in this field. This work complements the theoretical part and a multitude of applications related to the physical phenomena. After having presented the basic principles of aerodynamics and the general equations of fluid motion, the author describes the irrotational flows and axisymmetric flows of an ideal fluid. The detailed study of aerodynamic profiles/airfoils in subsonic regime and the finite-wing span in two and three dimensions constitutes the core of the work. Finally, the author dedicates the last chapters to the theory of propulsive propellers, the aerodynamics of the helicopter and experimental aerodynamics. Every chapter includes exercises with answers in Appendix. The book consists of several appendices to complement mathematical developments and to present the aerodynamic characteristics of certain airfoils.
Chapter 1. General principles and basics. Chapter 2. Irrotational flows of the ideal fluid. Chapter 3. Axis-symmetric flows. Chapter 4 - Airfoils in subsonic flow. Chapter 5. Finite-span wing. Chapter 6. Panel method in three dimensions applied to finite-span wings. Chapter 7. Propeller Theory. Chapter 8. Aerodynamics of the helicopter. Chapter 9. Notions of experimental aerodynamics. Appendices. Answers to the exercises. Supplementary exercises. Index.