Perspectives in insect conservation

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A spatial and process sub-regional framework for insect and biodiversity conservation research and management/ Logging and boreal ground-beetle assemblages on two continents: implications for conservation/ Australian native steppe-type landscapes: neglected areas for invertebrate conservation in Australia/ Insect conservation and extensive agriculture: the savanna of Southern Africa/ Insect conservation in the African Cape Fynbos, with special reference to endophagous insects: Dragonflies (Odonata) in toxic overlays and biodiversity conservation/ Orthopteroid insects in threatened habitats in Australia/ Extinction, biological control, and insect conservation on islands/ Effects of exotic species on Australian native insects/ All else is not equal: temporal population variability and insect conservation/ Conservation and systematics - the agony and the ecstasy/ Systematics and the conservation of biodiversity: global, national and local perspectives/ The role of museums and zoos in influencing public attitudes towards invertebrate conservation
This important new title derives mainly from presentations given on the theme of insect conservation at the International Congress of Entomology in Beijing. It presents a wide variety of international perspectives on the topic. This book will be of interest to conservation biologists, ecologists, researchers, managers and policy makers worldwide.