Comptes rendus Académie des sciences, Biologies, Tome 329, fasc 12, Déc 2006 : dynamique des signaux et structures / dynamics of signals and structures

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Foreword/Avant-propos. Microenvironnement cellulaire, PAI-1 et migration cancéreuse. Cooperation strategies, signals and symbiosis. Modéliser les interactions moléculaires par la théorie des réseaux de jeux. Model of interactions in biology and application to heterogeneous network in yeast. Potential automata. Application to the genetic code III. Steady-state kinetic behaviour of two- or n-enzyme systems made of free sequential enzymes involved in a metabolic pathway. Approximation for limit cycles and their isochrons. Storage and recall of environmental signals in a plant: modelling by use of a differential (continuous) formulation.