Land ressources information systems for food security in SADC countries
World Soil Resources reports Series, Vol. 89

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A Subregional Workshop on Land Resources Information Systems (LRIS) for Food Security in SADC countries was held in Harare, Zimbabwe, from 3 to 5 November 1999. The meeting was organized by FAO Land and Water Development Division (AGL), in collaboration with the Subregional Office for Southern and East Africa (SAFR) and SADC’s Food Security Technical and Administrative Unit. The purpose of the meeting was to promote land resources information systems (LRIS) and their application in the assessment, mapping and monitoring of land in relation to food security in the SADC countries. The workshop was attended by 29 participants, including 17 from SADC countries and five TCDC resource persons from Egypt, Nigeria, Ghana, Iran and Kenya. The TCDC resource persons contributed LRIS experiences from their countries and assisted in the preparation of a plan of action to promote future reporting and exchange of information, data expertise and experiences in land information in the sub-region, using TCDC, within existing SADC regional networks on land and water. This includes the preparation of national and sub-regional reports on the state of Land, Water and Plant nutrient resources in SADC countries during the biennium 2000-01 using the existing FAO guidelines. It was proposed that the SADC Environmental Technical Unit (SETU) should serve as a coordinating point with the various SADC Member States in the LRIS activities, and that SETU and FAO should provide, where necessary, appropriate training, funds and technical support to ensure the preparation of the report.