The potential of spatial planning tools to support the ecosystem approach to aquaculture.
FAO expert workshop, 19-21/ 11/08, Rome, Italy

FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture proceedings Series, Vol. 17

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Thème de The potential of spatial planning tools to support the...

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Ecosystem-based-management involves a transition from traditional sector-by-sector planning and decision-making to the more holistic approach of integrated natural resource management at different scales and for ecosystems that cross administrative boundaries. An essential element for the implementation of the EAA will be the use of spatial planning tools including Geographic Information Systems, remote sensing and mapping for data management, analysis, modelling and decision-making. The document is organized in two parts. The first, the workshop report, deals with the background of the EAA effort and the genesis of the workshop. The main conclusions of a review of the status and potential of spatial planning tools, decision-making and modelling in implementing the EAA are also included. The review itself, along with an abstract, forms the second part.