Study and analysis of feeds and fertilizers for sustainable aquaculture development
FAO Fisheries technical paper Series, Vol. 497

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This technical paper provides a comprehensive overview of feed and fertilizer use for sustainable aquaculture development in developing countries. It comprises a series of review papers, including eight country reviews from Asia, six country reviews from Africa, one case study report from Asia, three regional reviews (Asia, Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa), a global synthesis as well as the final report of the FAO Expert Workshop on Use of Feed and Fertilizer for Sustainable Aquaculture Development, held in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, China, in 2006. The country reviews provide an overview of the current status of aquaculture, a synthesis of the availability, accessibility and use of feed and fertilizer resources in relation to the diversity of farming systems and practices and an analysis of the nutritional, economic and social constraints of using these inputs. The regional reviews provide a synthesis of the country reviews by considering production trends and feed and fertilizer use from a wider geographic perspective and also analyse the projected expansion of the aquaculture sector in relation to the future availability of input commodities. The global synthesis provides a general overview and summarizes the future challenges facing the sector with respect to the use of feeds and fertilizers.