South West Indian Ocean fisheries commission. Report of the 3rd session of the scientific committee
Maputo, Mozanbique, 16-19/09/08

Coll. FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture report, Vol. 899

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Thème de South West Indian Ocean fisheries commission. Report of...

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The Scientific Committee examined the status of fisheries resources in its area of competence, considered the report of the second Working Party on Fisheries Data and Statistics, discussed a recent fishery assessment from Mauritius, discussed management and research actions in Mozambique (lobster), Seychelles (sharks), South Africa (line fishery) and Tanzania (prawns), discussed the preparation of next year's conference on the contribution of fisheries to the Millennium Development Goals, discussed the results of a workshop on ecosystem approach to fisheries, encouraged the formation of informal working groups to address priority areas identified, and made recommendations for the consideration of the fourth session of the Commission.