Sharing the fish 06
Allocation issues in fisheries management, 27/02-02/03/06 Fremantle, Western Australia (+ CD-ROM)

FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture proceedings Series, Vol. 15

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These proceedings contain the main papers and presentations from Sharing the Fish '06 Conference. They include the substantial work of the keynote and invited speakers covering the three theme sessions of the conference which addressed the critical fisheries management topics of allocations across jurisdictions (including governmental, regional and multilateral, and national allocation issues), allocations within sectors (including extractive and non-extractive allocations issues, management issues, and, commercial, artisanal and tourism allocations issues), and (iii) allocations between sectors (including customary/indigenous, recreational, commercial, and artisanal/subsistence allocation issues). The enclosed CD-ROM contains the papers from the concurrent sessions which delved further into each of these allocation topics as shown in the Conference Program section and mentioned in the Summary Report and Conclusions section.