Report of the tenth session of the scientific advisory committee
Nicosia, Cyprus, 22-26 October 2007

Coll. GFCM report, Vol. 856

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The Committee appraised the activities of its subsidiary bodies and those of the regional projects supporting the Commission. It acknowledged the strengthening of the stock assessment process through joint assessment by experts. It favoured the use of the data from trawl survey and requested to pay special attention to the hake (Merluccius merluccius) in 2008. SAC reviewed fishery management proposals from its Sub-Committees. It took note of progress achieved for defining fisheries restricted areas and the activities on the ecosystem approach for fisheries and marine protected areas. The SAC established ad hoc Working Groups on recreational fisheries and on trawl selectivity. It provided guidance regarding the activities of the GFCM/International Commission and agreed upon its work plan for 2008.