Report of the national workshop on micro-enterprise develoment in coastal communities in the Philippines : sharing of experiences ... (7-19 March 2006)

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The goals of the workshop were to exchange experiences and good practices and identify financial and institutional support services and facilities to sustain livelihoods and micro-enterprises in coastal areas. The discussions at the workshop showed that livelihoods diversification and the improvement of income and employment opportunities in coastal fishing communities are crucial for their participation in the conservation and management of aquatic resources. Key elements of sustainable micro-enterprise development as identified by the workshop include capability building of fisherfolk organizations such as cooperatives and associations to implement livelihood projects, the preparation of feasibility studies and business plans, technical skills development, sound financial management practices, development of innovative and high quality products, access to new markets including urban and regional markets and the full participation of fisherfolk in the identification of livelihood activities and micro-enterprises.