Report of the meeting on the reactivation of the initiative to create an aquaculture network of Americas
Guayaquil,Ecuador, 10-12/06/09

Coll. FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture report, Vol. 931

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This workshop examined past efforts to develop a regional cooperation mechanism for aquaculture development in the region, the main objective of the meeting being to reactivate an aquaculture cooperation network in the Americas. After agreeing that the network should be an intergovernmental entity, the countries elected Brazil as its initial host, with the mandate to conduct the elaboration of the network statutes and a plan of action for the short and medium terms and with the support of an executive secretary. The delegates of the participating countries subscribed a letter of intent, which ratifies their interest and commitment to establish an intergovernmental cooperation network for aquaculture, open to all countries of the Americas.