Report of the fifth meeting of the planning group for the coordination of acoustic surveys off Northwest Africa. Dakar, Senegal, 29-30/10/06 (En/Fr)

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All of the local research vessels had carried out acoustic surveys since the 2005 meeting of the Planning group. The analysis of the results of the coordinated parallel survey carried out in the fourth quarter of 2005 had shown that the variability of the allocation of recorded acoustic energy between the local vessels and the R/V DR FRIDTJOF NANSEN had been within acceptable limits. One coordinated survey was also carried out between the R/V ITAF DEME of Senegal and the R/V AL AWAM of Mauritania however no common report had been produced. The importance of doing so in the future was stressed. The countries are still working to find solutions with respect to problems related to noise levels and trawling as well as to ensure adequate funding for vessel operations. A plan to conduct a coordinated regional survey in October-December to continue the time series started with the R/V DR. FRIDTJOF NANSEN was made.