Report of the expert consultation to develop an FAO evaluation framework to assess the conformity of public…
Rome, FAO, 24-26 november 2010

FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture report Series, Vol. 958

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The Expert Consultation considered a number of issues relating to the Guidelines and the Evaluation Framework. Inter alia, it noted that the Guidelines, and therefore the draft Evaluation Framework, relate only to the biological sustainability of fishery resources and not to other aspects that might have an impact on sustainability. Also noted were the many commonalities between the Marine Ecolabelling Guidelines and the draft Inland Ecolabelling Guidelines, and that the major difference between them relates to the consideration of enhancement and the use of introduced and/or translocated species in the draft Inland Guidelines. The Expert Consultation noted that in both sets of Guidelines there is insufficient attention given to the chain of custody. The respective responsibilities of States and ecolabelling schemes in relation to assistance to developing countries was also discussed. The draft Evaluation Framework is provided in Appendix D with an explanation of the approach in the body of this report.