Report of FAO expert workshop on assessing the contribution of small-scale aquaculture to sustainable rural develop
Tagaytay City, The Philippines, 6-8 August 2009

FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture report Series, Vol. 952

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The Workshop was convened by FAO to present the outcomes (results and analysis) of the case studies which pilot-tested the Nha Trang SSA contribution indicators using various types of SSA in the Philippines, Thailand and Viet Nam and the cross-country synthesis, to refine and validate the indicators and evaluate their robustness, replicability and applicability in helping measure SSA sector performance for wider adoption and use and to draw a list of recommendations for generating further support to the SSA subsector of sustainable aquaculture and rural development programmes based on a broad understanding of sector performance (as measured by indicators) as well as risks and threats.