Report and papers presented at the FAO workshop on fish technology, utilization and quality assurance. Bagamoyo, United Republic of Tanzania, 14-18/11/05,En/Fr

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The Workshop was held to review progress and problems in post-harvest fish utilization in Africa and formulate recommendations to FAO, its member countries and all institutes, institutions and persons interested in fish utilization in Africa. The experts reviewed in particular fresh fish utilization, fish processing, quality assurance, and marketing and socio-economic issues. The review was done through presentation by the secretariat of a report on progress and events since the Consultation in Fish Technology held in 2001, presentation of 26 papers, abstracts of two additional papers, and a field trip to the Mbegani Fisheries Development Centre, a fish market and a processing unit in Dar es Salaam. The report includes the recommendations as well as the papers that were available to the experts.