Report and documentation of the expert consultation on deep-sea fisheries in the high seas
Bangkok, Thailand, 21-23 November 2006

FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture report Series, Vol. 838

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Deep-sea fisheries, as a result of technological development and market demand, are, in many areas, being exploited at increasingly unsustainable rates and, in some cases, with considerable damage to benthic habitats. This has lead to increasing concern on the part of many States over the conservation, management and governance of deep-sea fisheries. The Expert Consultation on Deep-sea fisheries in the High seas sought to further address issues in deep-sea. The consultation built off the results and request of other international for a as the DEEP SEA 2003 and the FAO Committee on Fisheries. Presentations and discussion revolved around four main aspects of deep-sea fisheries in the high seas, including: the overall resource, management of the resource, legal issues and high seas marine protected areas.