Regional commission fo fisheries
Report of the regional technical workshop on spatial planning for marine capture fisheries and aquaculture. Doha, The State of Qatar, 24-28 October 2010

FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture report Series, Vol. 961

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The meeting was attended by 21 delegates from seven Member countries of RECOFI and representatives from FAO. The workshop achieved three objectives: (i) it created awareness and initiated capacity building through a technical seminar on basic concepts and emerging issues concerning spatial planning for marine capture fisheries and aquaculture, It received feedback from each RECOFI country presentation on the present status of the use of spatially-based planning tools, including case studies, present issues and challenges, (ii) it presented the results and analysis of the RECOFI regional spatial planning for marine capture fisheries and aquaculture questionnaire survey, and (iii) it prepared and finalized a Proposal for a Regional programme for Implementing a Strategy on Spatial Planning for Marine Capture Fisheries and Aquaculture in RECOFI Member countries based on the survey outcomes and workshop deliberation and brainstorming.