Inland fisheries. Ecology and management

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Thèmes d'Inland fisheries. Ecology and management

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Fish from inland waters provide a major source of animal protein, particularly in areas far removed from the sea. The current high demand for fish, and the increased awareness of the role of the environment in supporting human well being, have led to a situation where attitudes to inland water resources are rapidly changing. This change is part of a larger preoccupation for the long-term stability of ecosystems as well as a concern for the capacity of existing freshwater resources to meet human needs. Compiled by Robin Welcomme for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, with contributions from several internationally known and respected scientists, this exciting book covers, in depth, the nature of inland waters, the fish populations that live within them, their utilization by fishing industries, and the fishing techniques that these industries use. Comprehensive coverage is also given to evaluation of resources and social and economic issues, management of fisheries and environment, biodiversity and conservation, enhancement, rehabilitation and legislative issues. Fully international in its coverage, "Inland Fisheries" is an essential reference manual for all those involved in inland waterway and fisheries management including fisheries officers, environmental scientists and ecologists, aquatic scientists, those working in rivers and lakes authorities and fish and wildlife departments of governments and universities.