Fishways : biological basis, design criteria and monitoring
Supplément (reprint 2006)

Bulletin français de la pêche et de la pisciculture Series, Vol. 364

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Thèmes de Fishways : biological basis, design criteria and monitoring

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Fisheries in inland waters have long provided an important source of food for mankind. One way to make the use of these resources sustainable and to improve food security and livelihoods is through the development of sustainable fisheries management practices which are not only important to manage fisheries in developing countries but also of relevance for more affluent countries. This book is a compilation of modern knowledge on all aspects concerning the planning and construction of fishpasses as well as their monitoring for effectiveness. Emphasising the need to take into consideration biological and behavioural characteristics of the species, it describes in detail the engineering options that are available today to make obstacles passable. It thus helps to raise awareness with regard to the availability of mitigation measures.