FAO field project reports on aquaculture 1966-2004. Version 2 (double CD-ROM) Trilingual (En/Fr/Es)

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Version 1 of the FAO Field Project Reports on Aquaculture CD-ROM was published in 2003 and covered the years 1966-1995. The reports were produced as part of the activities of 208 national field projects conducted within 80 countries around the world, 41 regional field projects and 8 interregional FAO Fisheries Department projects. This updated version includes the reports from Version 1 plus additional aquaculture project reports for the years 1966-2004. The reports are divided in two volumes: Volume 1 covers Africa, Near East, Mediterranean and Europe. Volume 2 covers Asia/Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, interregional projects and the FAO/United Nations Development Programme Technical Assistance reports from 1966 to 1975.