Emperor fishes and large-eye breams of the world
Fisheries synopsis N°125, Vol. 9

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Thème d'Emperor fishes and large-eye breams of the world

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Although most emperor fishes and large-eye breams are of significant interest to fisheries in the Indo-Pacific region, information on their biology and fisheries is rather scanty, largely due to the difficulties with correct identification of the species in this group. The authors of the present catalogue are engaged since several years in a world-wide revision of the family. Even if the completion of their study will probably take several more years, they have made substantial progress in the basic taxonomy of the most important commercial representatives, namely the species of the genus Lethrinus, and it hence appears justified to make these finding available without delay to the fishery workers who need them for their daily work. K. Carpenter has prepared the material pertaining to the 28 species of the genus Lethrinus, while G.R. Allen wrote the Wattsia. The work of the authors has been based, apart from a comprehensive review of pertinent literature, on the fresh material from various parts of the world. In view of the importance of colour patterns as diagnostic characters for identification, colour plates for all species have been included.