Dr Fridtjof Nansen programme 1975-1993
Investigations of fishery resources in developing regions

FAO Fisheries technical paper Series, Vol. 391

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Thèmes de Dr Fridtjof Nansen programme 1975-1993

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This document provides a review of practically all the surveys carried out with the research vessel “Dr. Fridtjof Nansen” from 1975 to the middle of 1993 in the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Complete lists of all surveys carried out by this R/V, and reports produced and of scientific staff participating in the surveys are provided as annexes. Chapter 2 provides an overview of survey methodology and also describes the development in the acoustic equipment used and associated problems. Particular emphasis is placed on the surveys carried out in the Arabian Sea, supplemented by a review of surveys carried out by the sister ship “Rastrelliger” off Southwest India. The results of the first surveys of the “Dr. Fridtjof Nansen” are revised on the basis of the latest knowledge of acoustic equipment and properties and consequently many results of the earlier surveys have been sized down. Other areas covered are: the Bay of Bengal off Bangladesh and Myanmar, sea areas around peninsular Malaysia and areas off western Thailand and Indonesia; the Southwest Indian Ocean; the Atlantic Ocean off Northwest Africa, Southwest Africa, with special emphasis on surveys off Angola and Namibia and the shelf area between Suriname and Venezuela; shelf areas in the Pacific Ocean between Southern Mexico and Colombia. The R/V Dr. Fridtjof Nansen has provided some of the best groundtruthing of the rough estimates of the potential resources first published by FAO in 1970. In Chapter 10 the survey results are compared with those early guesses and estimates based on acoustic and trawl surveys of the productivity per unit area of small pelagic and demersal fish are provided. The results of the surveys have also been used for analyses of demersal fish assemblages, reviewed in the various chapters by area and in Chapter 10 and for the production of a number of FAO Fish Identification Sheets and Field Guides, of which the references are given in Chapter 11.