Deep sea 2003 : Conference on the governance & management of deep-sea fisheries Part 1 : Conference reports, 1-5 December 2003, Queenstown, New Zealand

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The report describes (a) the reasons for convening DEEP SEA 2003, An International Conference on Governance and Management of Deep-Sea Fisheries, that was held in Queenstown, New Zealand, from 30 November to 5 December 2003, (b) the agenda and structure of the Conference, (c) the main conclusions of the Conference and (d) a prognoses for the future of deep-sea fisheries as seen by a selected group of experts. The report also documents a number of actions that the participants, in general, believed needed to be addressed, many of them on an urgent basis, as a means of developing a global programme of future activities to address the problems that had been identified and discussed.