Coastal fisheries of Latin America and The Caribbean
FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture technical paper Series, Vol. 544

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Thèmes de Coastal fisheries of Latin America and The Caribbean

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This book seeks to contribute to a better understanding of coastal fisheries in the Latin American and the Caribbean region, as well as to generate discussion about ways to move towards sustainable fisheries. The book includes three main components. First, an introductory chapter provides an overview of general trends in the fisheries of the LAC countries. Second, a set of twelve chapters each reporting on the coastal fisheries of one country in Latin America and the Caribbean. Third, the final component of the book contains a synthesis of information from the countries examined, an analysis of the main issues and challenges faced by the various fisheries, an outline of policy directions to improve fisheries management systems in the LAC region, identification of routes toward more integrated approaches for coastal fisheries management, and recommendations for ways forward in dealing with fishery assessment and governance issues in the region.