Adaptive approach for the improvement of fishery statistical systems in Mediterranean countries
GFCM studies and reviews Series, Vol. 79

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The establishment of fishery statistics and information systems in many countries of the General Fishery Commission for the Mediterranean (GFCM) continues to be considered a high priority activity, and the need to monitor fishing activities and provide fishery management at all levels with accurate, reliable and timely data which can interact with stock assessment and economic and socioeconomic studies for decision making is constantly increasing. In accordance with FAO and the GFCM mandate, the objective of MedStat is to contribute to the sustainable and responsible fisheries management of fishery resources and fish production in the Mediterranean Sea through the implementation of a long-lasting statistical and information programme which will provide a sound basis for decision making. The whole national statistical system developed within this activity consists of a set of databases and associated statistical data collection and implementation methodologies and procedures that primarily cover the Fishing Vessel Census, Catch and Effort Surveys, and other surveys targeting monitoring and management issues.