Comptes rendus Académie des sciences, Physique, tome 8, fasc 7-8, SeptembreOctobre 2007 : neutron scattering : a comprehensive tool... (Bilingue)

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ISBN : 9782756202587 EAN : 9782756202587

Foreword. Solid State Physics. Modern quantum magnetism by means of neutron scattering. Magnetic neutron diraction under high pressure. Inelastic neutron scattering study of spin excitations in the superconducting state of high temperature superconductors. Materials Science, from Nanoscale to Industrial Devices. Neutron scattering on magnetic surfaces. Monitoring molecular motion in nano-porous solids. A review of in situ and/or time resolved neutron scattering. Mapping residual and internal stress in materials by neutron diffraction. Soft Matter, Biology, Liquids. Small angle scattering from soft matter – application to complex mixed systems. High resolution neutron spectroscopy – a tool for the investigation of dynamics of polymers and soft matter. Structural and dynamical studies from bio-mimetic systems: an overview. Neutrons probing the structure and dynamics of liquids. Future Prospects. New perspectives from new generations of neutron sources.