Comptes rendus Académie des sciences, Mécanique, tome 333, fasc 9, Septembre 2005 : computational AeroAcoustics : from acoustic sources to farfield...

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ISBN : 9782756200255 EAN : 9782756200255

An acoustic analogy applied to the laminar upstream flow over an open 2D cavity -Jonas Ask, Lars Davidson. Some useful hybrid approaches for predicting aerodynamic noise -Christophe Bailly, Christophe Bogey, Xavier Gloerfelt. Computational aeroacoustics applications based on a discontinuous Galerkin method -Philippe Delorme, Pierre Mazet, Christophe Peyret, Yoan Ventribout. ADER discontinuous Galerkin schemes for aeroacoustics -Michael Dumbser, Claus-Dieter Munz. Acoustic source terms study for non-isothermal flows using an aeroacoustic hybrid approach -François Golanski, Christian Prax. Study of stabilization methods for computational aeroacoustics -Ronan Guénanff, Marc Terracol. Strictly stable high order difference approximations for computational aeroacoustics -Bernhard Müller, Stefan Johansson. Multiple-scale modelling of acoustic sources in low Mach-number flow -Claus-Dieter Munz, Roland Fortenbach, Michael Dumbser. A stable and efficient hybrid method for aeroacoustic sound generation and propagation -Jan Nordstrüm, Jing Gong. Verification of higher-order discontinuous Galerkin method for hexahedral elements -Hüseyin Ozdemir, Rob Hagmeijer, Hendrik Willem Marie Hoeijmakers. Computational aeroacoustics using the B-spline collocation method -Ronny Widjaja, Andrew Ooi, Li Chen, Richard Manasseh.