Vaccine manual
The production and quality control of veterinary vaccines for use in developing countries

FAO Animal Production and Health Series, Vol. 35

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In December 1991, at FAO headquarters in Rome, the Animal Production and Health Division held an Expert Consultation on the Quality Control of Veterinary Vaccines in Developing Countries. The purpose of the consultation was to bring together experts in various aspects of vaccine production and quality control to consider existing problems and likely future developments in the application of vaccines for the control of animal disease and to make recommendations in this important field. The consultation recommended that FAO lead the way in forging a closer cooperation among international organizations in the development of a more coherent approach to vaccine quality control, this manual is FAO's response to that recommendation. Written by some of the most highly regarded international experts in the field, the manual is principally concerned with providing guidelines and recommendations for the application of modern methods of vaccine production and evaluation, and also presents information on the state of veterinary vaccine development.
This book compiles the latest information on all aspects of the production and quality control of vaccines which are primarily intended for use in domestic livestock and, where appropriate, takes into consideration the particular conditions of production and application in the developing countries. The first part gives the state of the art in veterinary vaccine development. The three other parts concern the modern methods of vaccine production and evaluation.