Prevention and control of transboundary animal diseases
FAO Animal Production and Health paper Series, Vol. 133

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Thème de Prevention and control of transboundary animal diseases

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The objectives of FAO's Special Programme, EMPRES, (i.e. Emergency Prevention System for Transboundary Animal and Plant Pests and Diseases) which complements the Special Programme on Food Security, are in conformity with the World Food Summit Plan of Action. The Livestock-Diseases Component of EMPRES has set up an international panel of experts to provide technical advice and review activities of the programme on a regular basis in the form of expert consultations. This publication is a report of the first expert consultation on the subject.
This publication is the report of the expert consultation on the animal diseases component of the emergency prevention system programme. The aim is to promote the effective containment and control of the most serious epidemic livestocks diseases, and of the newly emerging diseases. Emphasis is on the global rinderpest eradication programme.