Expert consultation on community-based veterinary public health systems
FAO Animal Production and Health Series, Vol. 2

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The Expert Consultation on Community-based Veterinary Public Health (VPH) Systems was held in Rome on 27-28 October 2003. The objectives of the consultation were to consider and make specific recommendations regarding the delivery of community-based VPH systems, with special emphasis on developing countries in the following major areas: surveillance methodologies for zoonotic diseases; significance of participatory epidemiology and rapid appraisal techniques; public and private VPH community delivery systems; monitoring and evaluation of VPH systems; current community-based VPH systems in sub-Saharan Africa, including examples from South Africa and the United Republic of Tanzania; training and public education in VPH at community levels; multidisciplinary approaches to VPH delivery systems at community levels. This publication contains the contributions of the experts and other participants of the consultation, and is intended to assist veterinary public health services in developing regions in the implementation of community-based systems.