Comptes rendus Académie des sciences, Biologies, tome 330, fasc 4, avril 2007 l'épidémiologie : une science en développement ...

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Avant-propos/Foreword. Biostatistics and epidemiology: measuring the risk attribuable to an environmental or genetic factor. Coronary heart disease aetiology: associations and causality. Progress in the epidemiological understanding of gene–environment interactions in major diseases: cancer. Interaction between genes and environment in neurodegenerative diseases. Gene–environment interactions in addictive disorders: epidemiological and methodological aspects. Studies of fertility and fecundity: comparative approaches from demography and epidemiology. Observation versus intervention in the evaluation of drugs: the story of hormone replacement therapy. The perpetuation and epidemic recurrence of communicable diseases in human populations. Epidemic modeling in complex realities.