IDDRG 2014, conference proceedings
Innovations for the sheet metal industry, June 1-4 2014, Paris, France. (With CD-ROM)

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Innovations in the sheet metal industries. The different industrial sectors using parts manufactured by sheet metal forming are increasingly challenging: parts are highly complex in shapes and functions, lighter and more resistant to efforts, manufacturing processes must be better adapted to the size of the series and to the material used, solutions must respect environmental constraints as well as the necessity to reduce costs and raise quality parts. These challenges require further development of existing technologies but also scientific and technical innovations. In that sense, Innovation is the spirit in which IDDRG 2014 confe-rence is organized. Indeed, one of the links between research and industry is the implementation of research by making progress in the design via numerical simulation of the process, in the sheet materials, in the development of non-traditional methods, in the development of machines or tools, in solutions to reduce tool wear, lubricants... The intent of the conference is to present new developments that stimulate thinking and provide opportunities for informal discussion among researchers in sheet metal formability following the tradition of earlier IDDRG conferences.