Design of aluminium structures

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Les Presses de l'aluminium
The objective of this book is to provide instructors and students in civil and mechanical engineering, at the college and university levels, with a text dedicated to the teaching of aluminum structural design, and to offer practicing engineers and technicians a practical tool for designing aluminum structures, while including extensive information about the main properties of the metal.
The referenced code is the Canadian Standard CSA S157-05, Strength Design in Aluminum, but in order to broaden the contents and expand the book's effectiveness, passages are drawn from other Canadian, American and European standards. Following the pattern set in the earlier books written by the author in 1981, 1991 and 2003, in collaboration with his friend and colleague André Picard, on the design of steel structures, the present volume presents thorough theoretical developments supported with a number of numerical examples covering all the material. The book adopts a pragmatic approach, being the first one dealing with structural aluminum published in Canada. Initially written in French, this volume has been translated into English by Professor Cedric Marsh, chairman of the CSA Committee S157, aiming at meeting the needs of the widest possible reading audience in Canada and elsewhere in the English-speaking world.
Introduction. Aluminum and its properties. Design Principles. Tension Members. Members and Plates in Compression. Members in simple Bending and Combined Bending. Mechanical Connections. Welded Connections. Fatigue.