Characteristics of structural aluminium

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Les Presses de l'aluminium
Designers of structures need to have a sound understanding of the various characteristics of the construction materials available in the market. The author, in this work to popularize the subject, presents a synthesis of the main items of knowledge that the designer must possess concerning the use of aluminum as a structural material : a brief history of the metal, the production method and forming procedures, the alloy designations, the metallurgical aspects, the influence of welding, the weldability of alloys, surface treatment, the physical, mechanical and chemical properties, the behaviour in fire and the resistance to corrosion. The book is not a treatise on metallurgy, but more a work that can be used by instructors in various types of engineering programs to convey the basic knowledge of structural aluminum to their students, and perhaps arouse their interest, and by praticing engineers and technicians to familiarize themselves with this relatively new material.
Introduction. History of aluminum. Characteristics and applications of aluminum. Production of aluminum. Conversion of Aluminum. Aluminum alloys. Metallurgical considerations. Influence of welding. Surface treatment and finishing. Physical properties. Mechanical properties. The influence of temperature on the mechanical properties. Fire resistance. The influence of the rate of loading on the mechanical properties. Weldability. Corrosion behaviour. Other properties and characteristics.