Multimedia Management

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With the arrival of multimedia services via the network, particulary the Internet and e-commerce, the study of multimedia transmission over various network technologies has been the focus of interest for research teams all over the world. The previously antagonistic QoS (Quality of service) management in B-ISDN (Broadband integrated service digital network) and IP-based network technologies are now part of an integrated approach at the core network (with MPLS) and the access network (with ADSL). This is expected to lead to new intelligent approaches to traffic and congestion control at different levels of the network to provide the end user with QoSquality customized multimedia communications. This publication addresses the différent approaches to managing mutimedia networks and services, and examines the results of recent research that has brought about significant advances in this important area.
Collaborative virtual environments : managing the shared spaces. QoS management for multimedia applications using an efficient queue policy. Structuring devolved responsibilities in network and systems management. An agent-based framework for large-scale internet applications. An agent-based paradigm for managing service quality in open network environments. Adaptive multicast group management for distributed event correlation. The ASIMUT simulation workshop. Closed set-based discovery of small covers for association rules. Index.