Java and databases

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Thème de Java and databases

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Many modern data applications such as geographical information systems, search engines and computer aided design systems depend on having adequate storage management control. The tools required for this are called persistent storage managers. This book describes the use of the programming language Java in these and other applications. Twenty-two experts with extensive experience in both academia and as practitioners managing persistent Java objects in organizations have contributed to the chapters in this publication. Programmers, database managers, systems designers and multimedia and programming academics will find in this book the essential signposts to future advances in this important area.
Introduction. Java and OQL : a reflective solution for the impedance mismatch. The JSPIN experience : exploring the seamless persistence of option for Java™. StorM : a 100% Java™ persistent storage manager. OMS Java : a persistent object management framework. Architecture of a reusable and extensible database-wrapper with rule-set based object-relational schemes. The Voyeur distributed online documentation system. Implementing a search engine using an OODB. Transparent dynamic database evolution from Java™. Triggers in Java-based databases. Index.