Material Forming Process

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This publication covers practical techniques such as injection molding, composites forming, die extrusion, hydro-forming, blowing, forging, machining and cutting, and super plastic forming, as well as a number of other specific processes. In addition, the book includes more theoretical treatments, such as the advection equation in forming processes, damage modelling, inverse modelling dedicated to rheology parameter identification, micro-macro modelling, and no local and gradient models. The diverse materials considered include composites, metals, polymers, and even wood and bones. The chapters have been written by specialists from different scientific disciplines in industry and academia, and their contributions emanate from the proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Material Forming, held in Liège, Belgium in April 2001.
Analysis of Phase Segregation Effects Arising in Fluid-particle Flows During Metal Injection Molding. A Meshless Simulation of Injection Processes Involving Short Fiber Molten Composites. Semi-solid Processing of Engineering Alloys by a Twin-screw Rheomolding Process. Micro Injection Molding. Materials Characterization Methods and Material Models for Stamping of Plain Woven Composites. Characterization and Modeling of Fabric Deformation During Forming of Textile Composites. Comparison of Ductile Damage Models. Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Blanking for Thin Sheet Metal Parts. Development in Finite Element Simulations of Aluminum Extrusion. Investigation of Springback Using Two Different Testing Methods. Modeling of AIMg Sheet Forming at Elevated Temperatures. Hydroforming Processes for Tubular Parts: Optimization by means of Adaptive and Iterative FEM Simulation. Identification of Non-linear Kinematic Hardening with Bend-reverse Bend Experiments in Anisotropic Sheet-metals. On the Simulation of Microhardness at Large Strains Using a Gradient Theory of Plasticity. A Simplified Model of Thermal Contact Resistance Adapted to Forging Simulation. Validation of the Cockcroft and Latham Fracture Criterion for Cold Heading of Steel Fasteners Using Drop Weight Compression Testing and Finite Element Modeling. Industrial Forging Design Using an Inverse Technique. Simulation of Face Milling and Turning with the Finite Element Method. Analysis of Material Behaviour at High Strain Rates for Modeling Machining Processes. A Comparative Study of Crystallization of iPP and PA6 Under Pressure. Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian Simulation of Powder Compaction Processes. Austenite-to-Ferrite Phase Transformation During Continuous Casting of Steels.