Land resources information systems in Asia
World Soil Resources reports Series, Vol. 93

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Thèmes de Land resources information systems in Asia

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The Asia and Pacific countries need to improve their ability to plan and monitor their land and water resources for better use and management, to increase agricultural productivity while maintaining land and water quality. They need to establish information systems capable of providing a variety of information on the status of land and water resources. This document contains the proceedings of the Regional Workshop on Land Resources Information Systems (LRIS) in Asia, which was held in Quezon City in January 2000. LRIS experiences in the countries are presented as well as recommendations for future reporting and exchange of information, data expertise and experiences in land resources information in the region, within existing regional networks on land and water. This includes the preparation of national and subregional reports on the state of land, water and plant nutrient resources in Asian countries during the 2000-01 biennium for dissemination through the Internet using existing FAO guidelines and in linkage with the FAO Land and Water Development Division Web site.