Wireless Mobile Phone Access to the Internet (Innovative Technology Series, Information Systems and Networks)

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Wireless mobile phone access to the Internet will add a new dimension to the way we access information and communicate. This book is devoted to the presentation of recent research on the deployment of the network protocols and services for mobile hosts and wireless communication on the Internet. A lot of wireless technologies have already appeared : IEEE 802.11b, Bluetooth, HiperLAN/2, GPRS, UTMS. All of them have the same goal : offering wireless connectivity with minimum service disruption between mobile handovers. The mobile world is divided into two parts : firstly, mobile nodes can be attached to several access points when mobiles move around, secondly ad-hoc networks exist which do not use any infrastructure to communicate. With this model all nodes are mobiles and they cooperate to forward information between each other. This book presents these two methods of internet access and presents research papers that propose extensions and optimisations to the existing protocols for mobility support. One can assume that in the near future new mobiles will appear that will support multiple wireless interfaces. Therefore, the new version of the Internet Protocol (IPv6) will be one of the next challenges for the wireless community.
Distributed context transfer framework for mobility support -Hamid Mahmood Syed, Gary Kenward. Dynamic proxy selection for mobile hosts -Tsan-Pin Wang, Lu-Fang Wang and Chien-Chao Tseng. An efficient simulation model for wireless LANs applied to the IEEE 802.11 standard -Paul Mühlethaler and Abdellah Najid. Mobility management in a hybrid radio system -Matthias Frank, Tomas Göransson, Wolfgang Hansmann, Ola Johansson, Thorsten Lohmar, Toni Paila, Ralf Tönjes and Lin Xu. From address orientation to host orientation -Pekka Nikander, Catharina Candolin and Janne Lundberg. Performance analysis of OSLR multipoint relay flooding in two ad hoc wireless network models -Phillippe Jacquet, Anis Laouiti, Pascale Minet and Laurent Viennot. Providing differentiated services (DiffServ) in wireless ad hoc networks J. Antonio García-Macías, Franck Rousseau, Gilles Berger-Sabbatel, Leyla Toumi and Andrzej Duda.