Recent Trends in Mechatronics

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The term ‘mechatronics' has been adopted to describe the research and development of devices that combine mechanical structures with electronic controls. Over the last two decades it has come to mean sophisticated intelligent products employing optics, energetics, computer science, automatic control and other disciplines. It now also encompasses new software technologies, network robotics and network production. With the development of miniaturisation techniques, there has been a growth of application of microelectronics to mechatronic devices such as sensors, actuators, engines, machines and robots. There are possible future applications in the fields of chemistry and biology, as well as in engineering. This publication contains contributions that reflect the latest developments in this fascinating field. Its range is demonstrated by the inclusion of material on such subjects as fingertip manipulation, obstacle detection, micromanipulation of biological objects, ultra-high precision microrobotics, and an insect-like robot.
Trajectory Generation of Standing Movements using a Genetic Approach. Manipulation with the LMS Mechanical Hand: A Strategy for Fingertip Manipulation Tasks. Omni-directional Obstacle Detection. Mobile Robot Localization using Reflective Marks on a Ceiling. Delta 3, a New Ultra-high Precision Micro-robot: Design and Control of a Flexure Mechanism. Prototypes of Thermal Actuated Microlegs: The Insect-like Micro-robot. A New Method for High Resolution Position Measurement at Long Range. Index.