Mobile Agents for Telecommunication Applications(Innovative Technology Series, Information Systems and Network)

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Mobile agents are concerned with self-contained and identifiable computer programs that can move within a network and can act on behalf of the user and another entity. Most current research work on the mobile agent paradigm has two general goals: the reduction of network traffic and asynchronous interaction, the object being to reduce information overload and to efficiently use network resources. The international contributors to this book provide an overview of how the mobile code can be used in networking with the aim of developing further intelligent information retrieval, network and mobility management and network services.
Implementing secure distributed computing with mobile agents -Gregory Neven, Erik Van Hoeymissen, Bart de Decker and Frank Piessens. Network domain agency for QoS management in OSPF configured networks -Farag Sallabi and Ahmed Karmouch. Partitioning applications with agents -Oskari Koskimies and Kimmo Raatikainen. Mobile agents for adaptive mobile applications -Thomas Kunz, Salim Omar and Xinan Zhou. Active networks : architecture and service distribution -Nicolas Rouhana and Eric Horlait. Resource trading agents for adaptive active network applications -Lidia Yamamoto and Guy Leduc.