Millimeter Waves in Communication systems (Innovative tehnology series, Information sysyems and networks)

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The topics presented in this book provide a summary of major activities in the development of components, devices and systems in the millimeter-wave range (above 20 GHz). These activities come in the wake of the demands arising from frequency allocations in this range. It addresses the solutions that have been found for technological processes and design tools which lead to new components that are able to cope with the ever-increasing demand for faster systems in the telecommunications area. The new applications that are being considered for these frequencies include Local Area Networks, Local Multipoint Distribution Systems, satellite communications, and the development of optical fiber networks to provide multi services.
Heterojunction bipolar transistors for millimeter wave applications : trends and achievements. HEMT's capability for millimeter wave applications. Progress in millimeter-wave fiber radio access networks. Hybrid 3D integrated circuits at millimeter-wave frequencies : advantages and trends. Printed millimeter-wave reflectarrays. Computer aided design for new microwave filter topologies for spatial applications in Ka band. A simple way to design complex metallic photonic band-gap structures. Index.