Intelligent Agents for Telecommunication Environments (Innovative Technology Series, Information Systems and Networks)

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Telecommunication systems become more dynamic and complex with the introduction of new services, mobility and active networks. The use of artificial intelligence and intelligence agents, integrated reasoning, learning, co-operating and mobility capabilities to provide predictive control are among possible ways forward. There is a need to investigate performance, flow and congestion control, intelligent control environment, security service creation and deployment and mobility of users, terminals and services. New approaches include the introduction of intelligence in nodes and terminal equipment in order to manage and control the protocols, and the introduction of intelligence mobility in the global network. These tools aim to provide the quality of service and adapt the existing infrastructure to be able to handle the new functions and achieve the necessary co-operation between nodes. This book's contributors, who come from research establishments all over the world, address these problems and provide ways forward in this fast-developing area of intelligence in networks.
Mobile agents and security -Fritz Hohl. Agents : The future of intelligent communication -Robert Ghanea-Hercock. Agents in telecommunication-based services -Mihhail Matskin. Mobile agents in mobility support and service selection -Kirsi Valtar. WTA-based mobile service management -Mika Andersson. Service distribution and security -Juhana Räsänen. Merkato™ : A platform for market-based resource allocation -G Giammarino, JF Huard and N Semret.