Taking sustainable development into account in projects. The French RST02 evaluation grid user guide (A series of reference works CERTU 88) with CD-ROM

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Is a project failing to implement the concept of sustainable development correctly ? Don't hesitate : the RST02 evaluation grid provides a reference framework for analysing and situating the project in terms of sustainable development, that is to say "reconciling environmental protection and enhancement with economic development and social progress". Designed by the Scientific and Technical Network (RST) of the Ministry of Public Works, this second version is part of an approach to ensure the continual improvement of the RST evaluation grid 01, whose operation and presentation have been revised and remodelled to permit simpler and more user-friendly utilisation. By using :the grid user manual, the files required for its application,• case files of operations, projects and developments examined by the RST grid grouped in the collection References for sustainable development and a sustainable development glossary,engineers and technicians working for local authorities and their public and private partners will find in this work all the information useful for incorporating sustainable development in their projects : action programs, development operations, assistance to the owner, engineering at regional level, etc.