International development project appraisal, execution planning and monitoring

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Presses internationales Polytechnique
In their struggle for economic and social progress, most developing countries strive to attract foreign investments, in particular international aid funds. The positive outcome of these efforts depends on a wide array of factors including the aid recipient country's preparedness in terms of having high quality pre-investment studies available as well as professionals who are experienced in leading or participating in full-fledged investment project appraisals.
The purpose of International Development Project Appraisal, Execution Planning and Monitoring is to provide the reader with an overview of the various analytical efforts involved in preparing and appraising a development project funded in cooperation with international donors. It puts emphasis on explaining the key concepts in a simple fashion and on showing the interrelationships between the various facets of project preparation and appraisal.
Professionals and students with an interest in development work will find it a handy reference, regardless of their areas of expertise or academic background.