Development of an analytical tool to assess national biosecurity legislation
FAO Legislative studies Series, Vol. 96

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Biosecurity aims to facilitate the implementation of international obligations related to international trade and the protection of human, animal and plant life and health as well as the environment. It looks at the coordination of sectoral regulatory authorities in order to manage biological risks for food and agriculture in an efficient and holistic manner. Upgraded legislation is needed to align national laws to international standards and to enhance institutional coordination. Countries require comprehensive and consistent national legal frameworks for Biosecurity in order to implement effective controls, increase cost effectiveness and improve consistency across sectors. Reviewing and assessing what legislation is in place is the first step toward implementing a Biosecurity approach. It is not an easy exercise as the normative and functional components of Biosecurity are often found in a plethora of laws and regulations. Based on the six pilot country studies, this text develops an analytical methodology to review and assess national legal frameworks for Biosecurity.