Good practice guide for the detection of refrigerant leaks (Environment, Safety and Regulations, 2F31) with sheets

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The European F-Gas regulation on certain refrigerant fluids used in refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment has introduced new challenges. It has been created to prevent the emission of greenhouse gases. Pressure has increased on all the players in the refrigeration and air-conditioning sector to contain, prevent and reduce these emissions. How can we ensure the proper containment of equipment? In order to achieve this, leak detection is essential. However, experience has shown that in practice, this is not always so simple or reliable. This guide of good practice for leak detection has been written with this in mind. Cetim has amassed a large part of its knowledge on refrigerant leak detection and put it into this guide for users who work on installations with refrigerant fluids. This handbook was commissioned by the « Containment » working group of the Cetim and Cetiat MFCE (refrigerant equipments, air-conditioners and heat exchangers) joint commission in close relation with Uniclima, the French air handling, air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment manufacturers association.