Comptes rendus Académie des sciences, Chimie, tome 9, fasc 7-8, juillet-août 2006 : chimie des fullerènes / Fullerene chemistry

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Introduction. Macrocyclic malonates. A new family of tethers for the regio- and diastereoselective functionalization of [60]fullerene. Tether-directed remote functionalization of fullerenes C60 and C70. Diels-Alder cycloaddition as an efficient tool for linking p-donors onto fullerene C60. Porphyrin-fullerene photosynthetic model systems with rotaxane and catenane architectures. Spin-labeled fulleropyrrolidines. [60]Fullerene-acene chemistry : A review. Electrochemically formed two-component films comprised of fullerene and transition metal components. Fullerene photoactive dyads assembled by axial coordination with metals. Reactions between aliphatic amines and [60]fullerene: A review. The remarkable ability of B3LYP/3-21G(*) calculations to describe geometry, spectral and electrochemical properties of molecular and supramolecular porphyrin-fullerene conjugates. Addition reactions of fullerenes. Fullerene peroxides. Photoinduced electron and energy transfer processes in fullerene C60-metal complex hybrid assemblies. Photoinduced intermolecular electron transfer and energy transfer of C60 dendrimers. Ammonium-crown ether interactions for the construction of fullerene-containing photoactive supramolecular devices. Supramolecular immobilization of fullerenes on gold surfaces : Receptors based on calix[n]arenes, cyclotriveratrylene(CTV) and porphyrins. [60]fullerene-based electron acceptors. Functionalization of [60]fullerene through the anionic route. Pyrazolino[60]fullerenes : Synthesis and properties. Controlled grafting of polymer chains onto C60 and thermal stability of the obtained materials. Efficient mapping of ring currents in fullerenes and other curved carbon networks. Convex-convex and concave-convex interactions between C60 and nonplanar aromatic subphthalocyanine macrocycle in both covalent and supramolecular arrays. Reactions of iminoglycines with C60 fullerene and their unambiguous characterisation using NMR spectroscopy. Fullerene oxides and ozonides.