Comptes rendus Académie des sciences, Chimie, tome 8, fasc 3-4, Mars-Avril 2005 : solides poreux cristallins et organisés...

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Crystalline and organized porous solids - J. Patarin, H. Gies. The fluoride route: a strategy to crystalline porous materials -Ph. Caullet, J.-L. Paillaud, A. Simon-Masseron, M. Soulard, J. Patarin. The fluoride-based route to all-silica molecular sieves, a strategy for synthesis of new materials based upon close-packing of guest-host products - S.-I. Zones, S.-J. Hwang, S. Elomari, I. Ogino, M.-E. Davis, A.-W. Burton. Gas adsorption microcalorimetry and modelling to characterise zeolites and related materials -P.-L. Llewellyn, G. Maurin. Infrared spectroscopic investigation of diffusion, co-diffusion and counter-diffusion of hydrocarbon molecules in zeolites -H.-G. Karge. Isomorphous substitution in zeolites -R. Aiello, J.-B. Nagy, G. Giordano, A. Katovic, F. Testa. Synthesis of ITQ-7 with a new template molecule and its crystal structure analysis in the as synthesized form -J.-Q. Song, B. Marler, H. Gies. Structural investigations on zeolitic faujasite/benzene host/guest systems (Si/Al = 2.43 and ˜ 200) by using combined powder diffraction, adsorption calorimetry and molecular mechanics simulations -B.-F. Mentzen. A new synthesis method for the preparation of ITQ-7 zeolites and the characterisation of the resulting materials -S. Leiva, M.- J. Sabater, S. Valencia, G. Sastre, V. Fornés, F. Rey, A. Corma. Synthesis and characterization of zeogrid molecular sieves -S. P.B. Kremer, C.E.A. Kirschhock, P. A. Jacobs, J. A. Martens. Selective functionalization of the external surface of zeolite L -D. Brühwiler, G. Calzaferri. Dealumination of HBEA zeolite by steaming and acid leaching: distribution of the various aluminic species and identification of the hydroxyl groups -J.-P. Marques, I. Gener, P. Ayrault, J.-C. Bordado, J.-M. Lopes, F.-R. Ribeiro, M. Guisnet. On the adsorption and diffusion of water in BaX zeolite -H. Jobic, A. Méthivier, T. Seydel. Spontaneous ionization and electron transfer of polyaromatics by sorption in ZSM-5 zeolites -S. Marquis, A. Moissette, H. Vezin, C. Brémard. Liquid-phase alkylation of phenol with t-butanol over various catalysts derived from MWW-type precursors -E. Dumitriu, D. Meloni, R. Monaci, V. Solinas. Dichloromethane transformation over bifunctional PtFAU catalysts. Influence of the acidobasicity of the zeolite -L. Pinard, J. Mijoin, P. Magnoux, M. Guisnet. Insight in the mechanism of deactivation of a Pt/mordenite (MOR) catalyst during the isomerization of n-pentane -C. Lenoir, F.Rohr, M. Stöcker, P. Ruiz. Supported and self-bonded molecular sieve structures -L.Tosheva, V- P. Valtchev. Adsorption of water in zeolite sodium-faujasite: A molecular simulation study -C. Beauvais, A. Boutin, A.-H. Fuchs. IR studies and DFT quantum chemical calculations concerning interaction of some organic molecules with Cu+ sites in zeolites -E. Broclawik, P. Kozyra, J. Datka. A periodic density functional theory study of gallium-exchanged mordenite -X. Rozanska, M. García-Sánchez, E. J.M. Hensen, R.-A. Van Santen. Synthesis and crystal structure of a 3-D zinc phosphate, [C5N2H14][Zn2(PO3(OH))3], containing (4.8) net sheets -F. O.M. Gaslain, A.-M. Chippindale. AlPO-ERI, an aluminophosphate with the ERI framework topology: characterization and structure of the as-made and calcined rehydrated forms -A. Tuel, C. Lorentz, V. Gramlich, C. Baerlocher. Solvothermal synthesis, structure and Mössbauer spectroscopy of a new mixed-valence iron aluminophosphate [FeII(H2O)2 Fe0.8IIIAl1.2(PO4)3]·H3O -L. Peng, J. Li, J. Yu, G. Li, Q. Fang, R. Xu. Crystallization, stability and possible application of the molecular sieve cloverite -R. Fricke, H.-L. Zubowa, M.Richter, H. Kosslick. Adsorption isotherms of water as a tool for characterization of metal substituted aluminophosphate molecular sieves -J. Kornatowski. Organising disordered matter: strategies for ordering the network of mesoporous materials -J. Pérez-Pariente, I. Díaz, J. Agúndez