Visions for Infrared Astronomy (Instrumentation, Mesure, Métrologie RS série I2M Vol. 6 N° 1-4/2006)

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Éditions Lavoisier
Infrared Astronomy in the Past Half Century. High Resolution Mid-Infrared Imaging of Dust Disks Structures around Herbig Ae Stars with VISIR. Galactic & Extragalactic Star-Forming Regions Observed in the Infrared with Adaptive Optics. Mid-IR Probes of the ISM & Stellar Populations at the Galactic Center. NIR/X-Ray Variability & Polarized NIR Emission of SgrA*. The Massive Black Hole at the Center of the Milky Way. Far Infrared Observations of Solar Flares. Future Developments in IR Instrumentation at ESO. What a Really Big Antarctic Telescope could Achieve. The James Webb Space Telescope. Wide-Field 3D Spectroscopy with a Michelson Interferometer. Infrared Variability as a New Possibility to Explore Circumstellar Disk Structure. Common Proper Motion Search for Faint Companions around Early-Type Field Stars. OO Serpentis, an Intermediate Object between FUors & EXors? Modelling of Stellar Hydrogen & Helium Line Spectra in the Near-IR. M Dwarfs Doppler Imaging & the Infrared. Spatially Resolved Mid-IR Observations of the Young Star Parsamian 21. The Herschel-PACS Guaranteed Time Key Program on Evolved Stars. The Many Faces of Red Giants. Constraints on the Nature of Dust Particles by Infrared Observations. Far Infrared Study of SN Ia Host Galaxies. Carbon Stars in the IRTS Survey. Spitzer Observations of Extraplanar PAH Emission from Spiral Galaxies. Investigations of the Vega-Phenomenon among F-Type Stars. AGNs in a Complete Sample of Isolated Galaxies. DENIS, a European DEep Near Infrared Survey of the Southern Sky. Supernova Remnant SNR 1987A in the Mid-Infrared at 18 Years. Scintillation from Turbulence in the Stratosphere for Middle-Infrared Observations. Long-Term Infrared Variability of the Herbig Ae Star SV Cep. Semiempirical Hypotheses of the Turbulence Theory in the Atmospheric Anisotropic Boundary Layer. Future of Adaptive Optics on Single Aperture Telescopes. Studying Small Solar System Objects with Adaptive Optics in the Context of Space Missions. Parsamian 21: High-Contrast Infrared Mapping of an Edge-on FUor Disc. The Galactic Centre: the Lessons from Adaptive Optics. Morphology of the Coronal-Line Region in a Sample of AGN using NACO, the VLT Adaptive Optics System. From NAOS to the SPHERE AO System for Exoplanet Detection at the VLT. Titan in the Infrared with Adaptive Optics. Morphological Analysis of High Redshift Galaxies Seen in their Optical Rest-Frame with Adaptive Optics. Observation Capabilities & Technical Solutions to a Thermal & MIR Instrument for ELTs. Adaptive System of Tip-Tilt Correction of Image with Modified Correlation Tracker for BSVT. Optical Interferometry How far we've Come, Where we are. Tomorrow Optical Interferometry Astrophysical Prospects & Instrumental Issues. Protoplanetary Worlds at the Astronomical Unit Scale. First Step towards Aperture Synthesis Images. Hot Circumstellar Material around Vega. The Galactic Centre: from SINFONI to GRAVITY. Interferometry with the Large Binocular Telescope. MATISSE. Interferometric Imaging in the Mid-Infrared. 'OHANA, the Optical Hawaiian Array for Nanoradian Astronomy. Prospects for an Extremely Large Synthesis Array. Will Exobiology out of the Solar System Stop after the DARWIN Mission? Space Interferometry & Exoplanets. The Quest for Other Earths. Infrared Interferometric Gravity Darkening Observations of Vega with CHARA/FLUOR. BRISE: Multipurpose Bench for Cophasing Sensors. Optical Very Long Baseline Interferometry: Nano-Arcsec Resolution in Astronomy? Interferometry & Asteroseismology of Main Sequence Stars. Nulling Interferometry. DARWIN Fringe Sensor. An Original Interferometric Analysis of the Core of NGC 1068. Multi-Axial Nulling Interferometry. Demonstration of Deep Nulling. Using Adaptive Optics & Long Baseline Interferometry to Study Complex Dusty Objects. ALADDIN: DARWIN Pathfinder Mission on the Antarctic Plateau. Heterodyne Interferometry with a Frequency Comb. GRAVITY: Probing Space-Time & Faint Objects in the Infrared. VLTI-MIDI Observations of MWC 349 A. Interferometric Detection of Amorphous Alumina Grains in Betelgeuse...
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